Friday, December 06, 2002

British Muslims have been polled by the Telegraph and YouGov – with almost predictably sinister results. Note to British Government: stop pussyfooting around with the Muslim community. We want to know, a propos Dubya, whether you're with us or the terrorists. If you're with them, fine. You want to live in the 7th century, peachy creamy. But not here please. We're trying to get on with the 21st.
Isn't the Muslim world great? If you want to see what the discerning joung jihadi will be playing with this year, have a deco at the toy department. Real cool, huh? Have yourself a shariah little Christmas, fuckos.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

The BBC is still keeping adhesively to its remit to educate and inform, I notice. Run your baby-blue eyes over this just-for-fun international hatred quiz. It's got to do with hatred of America, and tries its best to gloat at that phenomenon in a standard BBC gesture. This kind of stuff can raise a snigger, as in the section where we are informed that 'the survey also revealed that opinions about the US were "complicated and contradictory", with people at the same time embracing American things and decrying US influence on their societies.' Hate the Great Satan – love the trainers and fizzy drinks and (c)rap music. That's not 'complicated and contradictory'. Give the famed European nuance a rest. It's hypocrisy and ignorance, Islamist bywords. The curious thing about the whole deal is this: if the same questionnaire were to be conducted in the UK, for example, with reference to dislike of and anger with Islam, the results would look fairly tolerant. But that would be misleading. There are plenty of people who, down in that little room where Graham Greene said that we think what we really mean, neither like nor wish to tolerate Islam in its pragmatic manifestations. But because of the prevailing PC culture – the same culture which is becoming increasingly hypostatised as Euro legislation – they wouldn't dare admit it to a questioner. The implications of this? When it comes to culture and religion, there is now more freedom of speech in the supposedly oppressive Islamic world than there is in the West. History will record this as a defeat for the allies. Thankyou, liberals everywhere.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Mwahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahaha! Woooooohhaaaahhhaaahhhaaaaa! I know this happened yesterday, but it is still sweet to mine eyes. Just when the media seems all doom and gloom, Monkey Boy gets his fucking teeth kicked in. Apparently, it was an unprovoked attack. What? The neanderthal, third-division Status Quo, whining shite that infests any of the band's albums is provocation enough for anyone. Maaaaaaahahahahahahaha!
Someone tried to make it a genuine Buy Nothing Day at IKEA stores in Holland. But a police spokesman said that they didn't believe that it was a terrorist attack, so that's all alright then. It doesn't matter that there have been specific threats made to the Dutch by, among others, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, an Islamofascist currently relaxing here in London. It doesn't matter that the Netherlands has the most steadily rising Muslim population in Al-Europa. It doesn't matter that Islamofascists are planning outrages on a near-daily basis. I wonder who it was, then. The shortlist so far:

a. The Salvation Army
b. Paul Burrell, former royal butler
c. A Fame Academy loser
d. Roy Keane

Smarten up, arseholes. This is appeasement by any other name. Thus speaks the Union Jackal!
What's this? A new British political party?Push off to their website and see what you think. But who's behind this attempted putsch, if putsch is the word I want? Mystery men. As The Telegraph reports, a press statement opined that 'If the individuals concerned were to be identified it would simply result in the debate being overtaken by the background of these people.' Oooooh, don't tease! Who are these political young Turks? Osama bin Laden, Liam Gallagher, Nicholas van Hoogstraten and Roy Keane, the Jackal can reveal... Party on, dudes!
Well, now. Saudi Arabia thinks it's being 'unfairly maligned' and that there is Saudi bashing in da house according to Reuters. Somebody had better restrain Mark Steyn when he reads about the 'The Saudi efforts to combat terrorism, as described at [a] news conference and in an official nine-page booklet, include:

Freezing $5.6 million in assets in 33 accounts held by three individuals; overall, the United States and its allies have frozen more than $113 million in assets worldwide held by suspected individuals, groups and businesses;

Setting up a "high commission" for oversight of all charities, and drafting procedures, which are not yet finalized, to manage Saudi charitable contributions and donations to ensure that they do not get diverted to terrorism;

Establishing new guidelines and procedures, including financial controls, to ensure "terrorist" organizations do not get access to funds from Saudi charitable groups in future;

Questioning more than 2,000 people and detaining more than 100 suspected of possible involvement in terrorism.'

Huzzah! All they need is a 'terrorism tsar', and it'll be just like a British governmental response to trouble. I've got a feeling that, after Iraq is tamed, the House of Saud is next...